Basic Information

Chemical name: Choline chloride
Commercial name: Choline Chloride
CAS No. 67-48-1
Chemical Formula: HOCH2CH2N (CH3)3HCl
Molecular weight: 139.63
Chemical family: Vitamine of the B complex
Boiling point: No information found
Melting Point (pure choline chloride): 244-247 íŠ (471-477 F)

Production Process: By chemical reaction with raw materials of Trimethylamine (TMA), Ethylene oxide (EO) and Hydrochloride Acid (HCl).
Pure Choline chloride (Purity 99-100%): white crystal powder

Choline chloride 75% liquid: A choline chloride aqueous solution

Content of choline chloride

At least 75%

Water content

About 25%


Clear , aqueous, nearly odorless solution

Density at 20 íŠ

1.10 g/ml

Boiling point

At temperatures above 100 íŠ the water evaporates and the salt crystallizes

Crystallization point

-18 íŠ


21 mPa. S (at 21 íŠ )

Electrical conductivity

30,000 mS/cm (Ms= micro Siemens)



Choline chloride 60% corn cob base: is obtained by spraying and thoroughly mixing choline chloride liquid (aqueous solution) on a selected corn cob meal and then drying to a lower moisture content.

Content of choline chloride

At least 60%

Corn cob (as carrier)

About 40%

Water content

Less than 2%


Yellow-brownish free flowing powder

Bulk density

0.5-0.6 g/ml



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