Feeding Recommendations

The dietary choline requirements for poultry and swine depends upon such factors as the rate of growth, rate of egg production, nutrient composition of the ration, daily feed intake, environmental conditions, and management factors.

Choline deficiency in companion animals is fairly well characterized and is preventable by the addition of choline salts to the diet.

A choline deficiency has been produced in several species of animals. In poultry, the deficiency is characterized by a fatty degeneration of the liver, a reduced rate of growth, perosis and, in mature birds, a decrease in egg production and hatchability. In swine, a deficiency results in a reduced rate of growth, uncoordinated movements, reduced number of total and live pigs per litter, fatty degeneration of the liver and kidney damage.

Corn and other grains are poor sources of this vitamin. For this reason, practical diets for poultry and swine should be supplemented with choline. The most common source of choline for animal diets is choline chloride, which on a pure basis contains 86.79% choline.

Dietary Requirements Chart

 Type of Animal  Added Choline gms./ton of feed



 Replacement birds






 (Growing and developing)








 (With fatty liver syndrome)



 Breeders (Chickens)








 (Growing and finishing)











 (Growing and finishing)


 Breeding swine






















(Feedlot-high concentrate)



(Dairy-high production)









(Cereal based diets)



(Meat based diets)


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